As the motor cycles rumble through our area, we at the Chamber are pleased to see them shopping Belle Fourche.  Meanwhile, we are working on our Fall Flavors schedule of events for September and October.  We’ve added some new events so be watching for the full calendar to be coming out as soon as we have things confirmed.This is our second year for Fall Flavors to encourage events that build business and community spirit during the fall months.  I find the energy at Hometown Thursdays good for me and I’m presuming others feel the same or they would not keep coming out week after week.  It’s always good to see our community get together for events.

As we finish summer and prepare for fall and winter, let’s make our businesses places customers want to visit.  Plan something new, change up something you’ve always done.  Greet your customers with something that will make them say, “That was nice” or “Wow, that was new and I appreciated it”.  Someone suggested that we make Thursdays ‘Customer Appreciation Day’ since it is also sale day at the livestock market and many of our agriculture people are in town.

Here are some suggestions for Thursday Customer Appreciation Day:

  • Set a pot of coffee out with doughnuts from one of our local providers for the a.m.
  • Offer free snacks
  • Hand out coupons
  • Closer to noon put out a cooler or tank with iced water or soda for the taking.

A cool drink or a nice snack would go a long way to making customers feel welcome and shows it that you appreciate their coming in.Do you have some tried and true ways to welcomed customers?  Let the Chamber share them with your neighborhood businesses!  Or better yet, do something that will inspire your fellow businesses to “up their game” as we seek to keep and attract customers.

One example is the $5.00 lunches being offered across our city.  I don’t know who started it but it caught on and is popular.  Several people from Spearfish have commented that you can’t find anything close to such a deal over there across the Redwater. One Spearfishian that works in Belle said to me, “I wish Spearfish would do this!”  He enjoys eating his lunches out here in Belle Fourche as they are delicious and a great value.

Let’s close out summer with some sizzling customer service and be inventive in what we are planning for the fall!

Gary Wood

Executive Director
Belle Fourche Chamber of Commerce