Aspen Hanson

Aspen Hanson

The Olive Branch has 7 owners: Debra McCart, The Olive Branch; LaRae Hanson, Express Yourself; Aspen Hanson, Country Roots; Nina Finkbeiner, Nina’s; Heidi Woelber, Calamity Jane’s; Jan Stansberry, Intentional Knots; George Wilson, Cowboys Too

How did The Olive Branch get started?

The Olive Branch was started as an idea that we (a group of owners) could do collectively what each of us individually would have found difficult.  We each work one day weekly, which allows owners to be involved in other activities.

What sets The Olive Branch apart?

The Olive Branch is unique in their ability to offer something for everyone—men, women & children.  They have unique gift ideas and merchandise you cannot fine anywhere else—one of a kind.

What is The Olive Branch’s mission?

The Olive Branch strives to be a blessing to the community and wants all their customers to feel blessed as well.