Stacey Neuharth

Owners: Cory & Stacey Neuharth

Cory has a degree in Wellness from BHSU, and Stacey is an ACSM Certified personal trainer

How did NHF get started? While the storefront familiar to downtown opened in November 2014, Stacey actually began training four after-work clients out of her garage with only a few equipment pieces.

What sets New Heart Fitness apart? Stacey is quick to stress that New Heart is not a regular gym, but rather a “training studio with gym benefits.” What this means is each client is met and trained at their individual level, given nutritional guidance, while having access to the gym equipment.

What is NHF’s mission? NHF believes in the positive impact of helping an individual achieve a healthy lifestyle has on that person’s family, and ultimately the community at large.