Business of the Week: Express Yourself! at The Olive Branch

A life long resident of Butte County, LaRae Hanson is owner and creator behind Express Yourself!, located in The Olive Branch.

A busy homeschooling mother of two, LaRae had been making her handcrafted greeting cards for herself and friends for several years when she was approached by Deb McCart to join forces with her and a few other creative women to create a co-op that went on to become The Olive Branch. Since then LaRae sells her handmade cards and other creations, taking custom orders, and also offering a selection of Christian books & gifts.

“I make one of a kind cards, rarely making the same design twice. All of my crosses I cut and create myself so no two are alike. I take several custom orders throughout the year and specialize in etching names and brands on glassware. I’ll try any project – once!”

LaRae points to her customers who request special orders for helping grow her creativity and business. “I have wonderful, loyal customers who stretch me to my creative limits in so many areas. I am so thankful for them and their custom orders. This business has been such a blessing to me.”