Stacey Neuharth- ACSM Certified Personal Trainer New Heart Fitness

Stacey Neuharth, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Owner, New Heart Fitness

From one local business owner to another I want to offer you a gift. I want to see your business prosper through your health. Yes, it’s true, being healthy and fit, along with adopting a few healthy lifestyle changes can really help your business. Think about it, if all you do is sit at your desk for hours, skip meals or grab quick unhealthy food and neglect getting adequate sleep you don’t feel your best, and your business will likely feel the affects of your unhealthy choices.

However, the good news is when business owners make an effort to prioritize nutrition, physical activity and sleep, overall health is improved, brain power is boosted and stress is reduced. Now, think about what that could do for your business! You need to talk care of yourself so you can take care of your business! But if you are not naturally a “Fitness person” where do you start?

My Personal training business, New Heart Fitness, is here to help but if you are self motivated and want to try a lifestyle change on your own here are three getting started tips.


  1. GET MOVING!  
    Start with getting up out of your chair as much as possible. People with a desk job really need to get creative with this. Never sit for longer than an hour! Next, incorporate 20-40 minutes of physical activity two days a week, working up to five days a week. Pick something you will enjoy and that fits your personality, such as walking, racquetball, swimming, hiking, tennis, weight lifting or join a workout class! There are plenty of options in our beautiful little community.
  2. EAT TO LIVE!  
    Think of food as nutrients to fuel your body! This is so simple,,, Junk food is exactly that, JUNK and it makes you feel like junk! Healthy Food is healthy and makes your feel healthy. Start by cutting out one unhealthy food per week and replacing it with a healthy choice. For example, pack a lunch instead of going out for fast food. Cut out soda pop and drink more water, or get your crunch fix with carrots not potato chips. Replace processed foods for whole foods. Be cognizant of your macro-nutrients… in other words, make sure you are getting plenty of protein, some healthy fats and complex carbs! There’s no need to jump on a crazy fad diet bandwagon.  JUST EAT HEALTHY!  Oh, and don’t skip breakfast! Start your day by fueling up your body and brain with a healthy breakfast (preferably protein!)
  3. REST IS GOOD!  
    Too many of us business owners do not take time to rest and get enough sleep!   I am guilty of this but my body will remind me to get more sleep when I start feeling myself getting rundown or sick! Shoot for eight hours of sleep a night. Sometimes that means shutting off all electronics an hour earlier than you normally would and give yourself the potential for more sleep!

These three steps to improving your health are so basic, but yet so overlooked by busy business owners! If you take the time to improve your fitness levels and health you will likely see an increase in productivity, positive attitude, moral, an energy boost, motivation and even less sick days! You and your business deserve you to be at your best! Take care of your health!

If you are struggling and need motivation and accountability please give me call. My business is here to help you be your best!


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